I have 15 years of experience as a software engineer, and have worked in public and private sectors at both small startups and large organizations. I am working as a full stack developer and my expertise is at backend side.

Mainly I used Microsoft Technologies at the development. But depending on the project, I used other programming languages and technologies too.

Programming languages and technologies that I’ve used are C#, Php, Python, Asp.net MVC. At the database side, I have used Oracle, MSSql Server and MySql. NoSql databases that have been used in projects are MongoDb and Elasticsearch.

I have worked on too many Google Cloud Apis like Compute Engine Api, Cloud Storage Api, BigQuery Api and AdWords Api. I can develop any application that consumes these apis easily.

I also work with Google Kubernetes Engine. The web apis that I developed are running on Kubernetes. For CI/CD, I am using Google Cloud Build.

I live in Turkey and I managed my development team at my company. We are developing high quality softwares for companies as outsource at competitive price.

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